Streetbank gives neighbours the opportunity to offer their time and skills – or lend and give away consumer products – to anyone living within one mile of their home.

Streetbank’s vision is that sharing with your neighbours becomes normal. It hopes to bring neighbours together – to foster community and generosity by encouraging people to share their things, skills and time.

When a person joins Streetbank, they have their own unique 1 mile catchment area and receive a weekly newsletter showing new members, new offers and wants and local announcements.

Since they started a year ago, the Streetbank team have seen small acts of generosity like neighbours giving away strawberry plants and tomato cuttings through to witnessing big acts like sorting out an elderly neighbours back garden or giving away an unused piano. They have seen people lend ladders, power hoses, guide books and fancy dress outfits. They have also seen people baking bread, making pies and giving away some old bottles of champagne that were unwanted after their owner went teetotal!

Streetbank now has over 20,000 members sharing 25,000 items and is growing by nearly 10% a month.

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