The Second Half Centre

SecondHalfLogoThe Second Half Centre, is a community and wellbeing centre for the over 50s based on the idea that later life is better thought of as “the second half of your life”.
Founded by Jill Shaw Ruddock, the centre follows the principles outlined in The Second Half of Your Life, her book about making the most of the second 50 years of your life after bringing up children or establishing a career have become less dominant forces.
The centre draws in over 50s from across the borough and includes a café, a library, and 45 hours of classes a week covering exercise, arts and crafts, drama, gardening, cooking and IT, amongst others. 40 volunteers give their time to making this happen.
The centre has innovative roots: it is the first of its type to be located on NHS premises – in this case on NHS St Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing in North Kensington, London. And 90% of the funds for the centre were raised from private sector backers.
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