Cocktails in care homes

magicmeLogoCocktails in care homes are monthly cocktail parties held in the lounge of care homes for residents and younger volunteers to enjoy together.
Cocktails in Care Homes grew out of conversations with care home residents. They identified a need for evening adult activity. Started as a pilot in 2010, it is now in its second year. Thanks to a pool of 100 volunteers, Magic Me hosts weekly evening parties across East London for residents, relatives, friends and carers. Young adult volunteers, mostly in their 20s and 30s living or working locally, host the party joining residents to socialise over a drink. Magic Me provides lighting, decorations, music and a range of drinks to set a party mood and encourage conversation.
Residents are canvassed about their favourite music and drinks to ensure they genuinely enjoy and look forward to parties. The project is growing to reach more people in isolation. For some residents this is the only visit they get, and residents who don’t engage in other activities come to the cocktail parties. There has been improvement in the communication skills of some residents with dementia. One lady barely talked at all at first. As one volunteer puts it “She has now relearnt the art of conversation”.
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