Freedom to Roam Marketplace

FTRMarketplaceLogoFreedom to Roam Marketplace is a new app that brings together all the best Android apps for smartphones and tablets to help the millions of carers across the UK and the caring profession make best use of technology, for themselves as well as the people they care for. As well as signposting users to good apps, it allows friends and family to make suggestions, for example for an older relative.

App developers across the market can also view the leading apps for caring here, see what people are saying about them and how they are being rated and ranked.

The app is currently in development and will be launched later in 2013. The initiative acknowledges that apps are big business (by the end of 2012 around 700,000 Android apps were available on Google Play and 25 billion had been downloaded) and that the accessibility and affordability of touch screen technology means more older people will be using tablets and smartphones to help them age well.

For more information and a view of the site in development see:

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