Patients Know Best

PatientsKnowBestLogoPatients Know Best is a web platform for patients with rare and complex conditions to better manage their own care.
Patients Know Best works from the assumption that patients with rare conditions are often the experts on their treatment because they see so many different specialists. The secure online platform allows patients to log appointment and test results, conduct check-ups with specialists online, and share information with their circle of care (eg other clinicians, family or friends) as they wish. It is currently being used in Great Ormond Street Hospital, UCL Hospital, St Mark’s Hospital, and Torbay Hospital, amongst others.
The initiative was started in response to the widespread use of care plans – an agreement between a health professional and a patient on how best to manage the patient’s day-to-day health. Initially used in mental health services, care plans have been widely adopted across the healthcare system to facilitate communication between the health care professionals, the patients and their home carers. Care plans also empower patients themselves to take responsibility for their own health.
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