WeaversLogoWeavers is an Australian innovation based in Adelaide to support new carers who can feel “lost at sea” when they first become a carer.
New carers are connected with a local Weaver (or former carer). The Weaver shares their experience with the new carer, pointing them to resources and allowing them space to share their feelings. Weavers also host local gatherings of new carers and act as expert trouble shooters on common issues that arise when caring like how to handle legal issues, avoid family conflict or bring up tough conversations with the person you are caring for.
Research suggests that caring is extremely stressful. Carers are 40% more likely to experience chronic physical or mental health problems, including depression, sleep deprivation and back pain. Weavers aims to create a network of support for carers at the start of the caring journey, before the peak times of stress.
All Weavers are volunteers but some also receive incentives and tax breaks to perform the role as part of the Sharing Zone. The scheme is currently being piloted in Adelaide by TACSI and is looking to expand to new areas.
For more information see: http://weavers.org.au/

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