Fair Shares Time Bank

FairSharesLogoFair Shares Time Bank in Gloucestershire supports older people through transitions in health in Gloucestershire. Volunteers sign up to the timebank to provide practical support for older people during times of transition. In return the volunteers are given credits in the time bank to spend other activities like Spanish lessons or workshops at the City Farm.
The initiative was developed in response to the observation that lots of older people going through transitions (eg death of a partner, new caring responsibilities, diagnosis of a long term condition) felt isolated. They may be physically cut off, or in need of new social connections or looking for advice about a new situation.
Volunteers might offer to drive older people to appointments or phone and chat regularly. In addition, older people themselves can join the timebank and give some of their skills back.
Fair Shares Time Bank has eight branches in central and western England. Established by 2000, it has run timebank projects in many areas including prison and youth work.
For more information: http://www.fairshares.org.uk/
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