MindingsLogoMindings.com has been described as ‘Facebook for the technology-shy’.
It enables people to share captioned pictures, text messages, calendar reminders and social media content, with a digital screen that the receiver doesn’t even need to touch. As such it is ideal for older people who are not very confident with technology.
The ‘GotIt’ feature means the sender is told when content is viewed, letting them know the receiver is alive, well, and interacting. As such it acts both as a way for family to connect and as a form of telecare.
A positive clinical trial was undertaken at a London hospital and the service is now live. Users have reported that it is improving wellbeing and independent living.

Mindings has been awarded first prize in Improvements East‘s “Innovation in Adult Health and Social Care” competition, winning an investment of £100,000 to pilot Mindings within a local system in the Midlands and East of England.

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