odeLogoode is a fragrance-release system designed to stimulate appetite amongst people with dementia.
The mains-powered unit can be programmed to release food fragrances three times a day around the time of the user’s mealtimes. Fragrances are released in short sharp bursts, acting as a strong appetite trigger and then dissipating rapidly so users won’t become accustomed to the effect. The scents, developed with a leading fragrance lab, can be chosen by user’s on installation.
ode-productThis discreet system is less stigmatising and more inspiring than an alarm or constant reminders from carers to eat. Initial research suggests it can stimulate real hunger subliminally. Scents are pleasant and evocative, and aim to improve mood as an additional effect.
ode is currently being prototyped.
For more information see: http://www.myode.org

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