The Sharing Zone Co, Australia

SharingZoneLogoThe Sharing Zone is a new kind of neighbourhood, where residents feel connected though shared interests and able to offer and give help to one another.
A Sharing Zone neighbourhood includes volunteers to co-ordinate events and match needs with givers, some local volunteers willing to carry out caring tasks (like shopping or cleaning) and a number of incentives (like reduction in council tax for those who share).
The first Sharing Zione was established in Adelaide by TACSI in 2011 following feedback from older people who felt isolated, and younger people who felt disconnected to the neighbourhood. A set up team mapped needs, found volunteers and paid local carers, established arrangements on benefits (like tax reductions) and events. As a result local residents took over two-thirds of caring tasks previously delivered by the state and neighbourliness improved.
A local team now co-ordinates this Sharing Zone and more are being established.

For more information see:

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