Wigan Creative Council

WiganCouncilLogoWigan Council plans to devolve much of its £58m adult social care budget to service users, allowing them to personalise their own care packages.
This will be topped up with Wigan Community Credits (a type of complementary currency), through which local volunteers can earn incentives and rewards for contributing to care. 
The aim is to develop services which deliver better outcomes for adults in receipt of care, at a much lower cost. In addition, Wigan hopes to achieve:
1. A renewed sense of community
2. Increases in local volunteering
3. Stimulation of the local economy
The idea is being piloted in a small area: the community of Scholes with the backing of Nesta’s Creative Councils programme. It will serve both as a prototype for the wider roll-out of adult social care budgets across Wigan, and for a new, more efficient model of service delivery for other councils.
For more information: http://www.wigan.gov.uk/News/NationalrecognitionforScholesproject.htm

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