Charlie and Marie: a tale of ageing

This short animation tells the story of Charlie and Marie, a couple ageing in the UK today. It visualises the significant events in their life after retirement and how they interact with different state services at these times.

The aim of the animation was to stimulate new and more holistic ways of thinking about older people and their experience of services, amongst local government and partners – who may often operate quite separately from one another.

The animation is based on 10 ethnographic studies and a series of interviews with older people around the UK. It was developed by the Young Foundation as part of their Ageing Well Innovation Series in 2010.

3 thoughts on “Charlie and Marie: a tale of ageing

  1. Thanks – it would be great to find other resources like this, and then map innovative solutions onto the journey, from the Living map and elsewhere. We did a little of that in the workshop that we ran as part of the dtlater exploration
    We invented some characters, told their stories, and added ideas to meet the challenges that they faced. Worth developing?

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