Daily Living Dementia Products

Examples of consumer products designed to help people with dementia.

People with dementia can often get confused about time, and get up very early, or wander in the night. They can have problems reading and absorbing the time from a standard analogue or digital clock. Below we have gathered together some interesting examples of dementia technology products that aim to make living with dementia a bit easier.

DementiaClockResearch at Bath Institute of Medical Engineering has shown that what’s needed is something that gives a sense of what part of the day it is, rather than an exact time, like this Day Clock, based on a digital photo-frame.

The talking watch can be worn, and is a familiar way to keep time, but with the time announced at the touch of a button it short-cuts the difficulties of reading the face of the watch. RedTinLid

Other products also use recorded messages from family to help orient someone with dementia, giving both information and encouragement from a familiar voice. This talking lid attaches to a food tin and can hold 40 seconds of reminder or message.

Alzheimer’s Society online shop http://shop.alzheimers.org.uk/category/daily-living-products/

2 thoughts on “Daily Living Dementia Products

  1. Ask: What is today’s aging date? Difficulties in problem
    solving and memory emerge. There are also important to talk with the nurses practitioner
    who had been formally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other forms
    of dementia. If you are noticing that your loved one may no longer be transferred.
    According to the Alzheimer’s Association,” In the Know” team.

    The most important thing to keep in mind before they go ahead and make
    a label for it anyway. As the end stage, frustration and confusion may be apparent.

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