Stay Well@Home

AgeConcernKingstonLogoStay Well@Home brings volunteers, GPs, and social care providers together to support older people to stay well and remain living at home.
Many people who have recently left hospital are at immediate risk of being re-admitted. Immediate support and confidence building over 4-6 weeks can prevent this, provided by a dedicated team of part-timers and trained volunteers. A trial by Age Concern Kingston on Thames both delivered a service and explored its impact, looking at Social Return on Investment (SROI).
Overall, the social return on investment was 11:1 – £11 of value created for every £1 spent. Saving in public sector expenditure was £268,000, including, for example, avoiding 5 unplanned hospital admissions at £2075 each. Volunteers were responsible for 25% of the total value of the service. On average, across the 682 older people in the pilot, £3500 of services were delivered to each, at an average input cost of a tenth of that.
 The SROI report
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