For the last 6 years, Alive! has been lighting up the lives of older people in care. Pioneers of using touchscreen technology with people living with dementia, Alive! works in over 350 care homes providing creative, meaningful activity sessions and training for care staff.

Alive! offer a range of interactive sessions designed to stimulate older people on all levels: cognitively, physically, creatively and emotionally. All activities focus on strengthening personal identities by connecting meaningful activities with individual life stories.

Alive! training courses run throughout the year, and offer care staff the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise in a variety of specialist areas: touchscreen technology, dance, dementia, activities and reminiscence. Alive! training builds the capacity of care home staff to provide meaningful activity for their residents on a daily basis.

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2 thoughts on “Alive!

  1. I was introduced to this issue when my mother entered a nursing home with a broken neck and the diagnosis of progressive supranuclear palsy, a degenerative brain disease. She had also had hearing loss and vision loss, and difficulty managing her glasses and hearing devices (losing them, etc).
    There were very few ways to engage her during my visits to her, but the ipad proved to be a winner. I bought 2 pairs of head phones with a splitter, so we could listen together and not disturb others. We began by listening to music, but soon we were watching movies on netflix, and then short videos on You Tube. Despite her dementia, she was able to recognize the phrase “You Tube” and read it aloud. We listened to audio books, and radio stations from Israel (where she grew up). This brought her in contact with Hebrew, and her cultural roots.
    Would be glad to write more and discuss further.

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