Gransnet Local

GransnetLogoGransnet’s website supports grandparents with news and information. It plans to create an app for mobiles/tablets that allows their website users to connect to each other and to local information.
Lively online forums are a low-pressure route for people to interact and share around their particular interests, whether TV shows, gardening, or books. People who have met online have already started meeting in the real world.
Gransnet want to create a mobile/tablet app to support more peer-to-peer networking, on the move, with local information and support. 80 local organisers are being recruited to run local websites, with a local app for each, providing support, information, advice and friendship for local people and giving those currently offline a reason to get connected. It will offer people an open-ended way to engage – chatting, complaining, supporting and exchanging information.
The Gransnet app will contain information on everything local, including NHS services, peer-to-peer health support, cultural events, local authority consultations and local campaigns, volunteering and job opportunities.

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