The Gift Project


GIFT is a gallery; a ‘digital giving’ gallery that celebrates the act of giving and how it connects us as families, friends, colleagues and neighbours, through the things that we give and the things that we receive.

Through a practical workshop process in residential homes, elderly residents will be encouraged to ‘digitally give’ something to GIFT helping create a unique new website and resource. This could be a precious vase, a souvenir from a holiday or perhaps a family hierloom or their ‘gift’ may be something less tangible; a piece of advice, a story or even a cautionary tale.

GIFT is about celebrating the lives, stories and experiences of older people, the team behind GIFT hope it will:

• Act as a digital tool for engaging older people; particularly those in residential and nursing homes.
• Encourage older people to contribute and share their stories and photographs and so start an on-line conversation with other older people across the UK.
• Be simple and easy to use for older people, families, and care-workers.
• Capture the beauty of everyday objects through photography and story, that celebrates their detail, meaning and common purpose for us all, whilst sharing their owners own unique relationship.

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