See what I mean

See what I MeanSee What I Mean (SWiM) is an app which translates words into pictures. The instant translation of word to image brings the idea into a moment of conversation and has been found to be incredibly effective at stimulating memories, improving communication, mood and levels of engagement amongst people with dementia.

For people living with dementia words can become increasingly hard to understand, making communication and social interaction difficult. Images, on the other hand, can retain their meaning long after the sense of a word has been lost. This means that for most people living with dementia an image communicates an idea or emotion more clearly than a word.

See What I Mean was originally created as a speech to image communication tool by Ilyanna Kerr (Co-Founder) in the final year of her degree. During the early stages of its development she found the app to have many potential uses through experimentation and testing with a wide range of people. This design process led her to discover it to be a powerful tool in helping to stimulate memory and interaction for people affected by dementia. Since then See What I Mean have continued to work alongside people living with dementia and their friends, family and carers.

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