To Know Me – connecting with the person behind the condition

To Know MeTo Know Me books are designed to showcase the lives, needs and preferences of people living with Dementia and other conditions which affect a person’s ability to express themselves clearly.  The book includes a mini-biography and a personalised care guide and is created through online software downloaded direct from the website.

Through the books, carers and medical professionals can quickly and simply learn more about the social, emotional and practical needs of the people in their care.

The unique feature of the book is in its simplicity. It ventures beyond life story work, offering in addition, a personal, practical insight into the best ways to ensure that the individual experiences the highest quality of personalised care and support, according to their needs, and in an easily accessible and attractive book.

A couple of testimonials:

‘This is a great book that was easy to put together. I feel at ease now, not having to worry about that part of my life, knowing that I shall have some memories in the book’.

‘It is very comforting to have such a special book about your loved one, so other people can share, understand and embrace their needs and concerns when they themselves are unable to do so’.

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