FixpertsFixperts is about fixing for someone. It is a creative social platform and education programme that invites people who are good at making and repair to fix for others.

Since 2012, Fixperts has developed programmes in several universities as well as school initiatives, and has created over 150 projects in 17 countries. Each project, which applies creative skills to solve problems, is shared on an online platform to inspire others to do the same.

Making an immediate difference to people’s lives is a core Fixperts principle, and ageing well and mobility is one of the main areas that volunteer makers tackle problems in.

Examples of projects include:

  • A sock-horn for Edna which transforms her mornings and means she can put on her socks on by herself
  • A custom made button-fastener made for 82 year-old Tom whose rheumatism makes it difficult to close buttons himself
  • A belt that can be closed with one hand for post stroke wheelchair user John

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