Community Integrated Care: St Luke’s Care Home – Integrated partnership and creative living environment

CICSt Luke’s is a formerly traditional care home, which has been transformed from facing closure to becoming a genuine centre of excellence. It is now the hub of an integrated pathway for people with the most advanced and complex dementia needs in Halton, Cheshire. It has recently been described as “the vanguard of integration in dementia care” by the Journal of Dementia Care.

This pathway sees clinical experts work within the home – ensuring residents’ health needs are met at St Luke’s, not in hospital. It has also introduced specialist approaches to training, safeguarding, care delivery and a significant investment in improving the living environment. The service receives on-going support from a multi-disciplinary Clinical Commissioning Groups team.

Outcomes include:

  • St Luke’s now supports Halton’s most high-need individuals and has significantly reduced the need for hospital interventions
  • The CCG & Council believe that this pathway has saved hundreds of thousands of pounds by reducing the need for long-term hospital interventions and demand on the Council’s adult social care team.
  • The number of safeguarding alerts and has reduced dramatically, enabling a more effective use of social work time.

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