Living Words

Livng WordsStarted in 2007, Living Words is a pioneering arts charity which improves quality of life for people experiencing dementia in care homes and positively transforms attitudes to older people with the condition.

We also aim to influence public perception of dementia through performance, publishing and public speaking.

The Living Creative Workshop Series offers carers and all other staff members a series of 3 workshops which take place during a residency and aims to embed what is learned into staff’s daily practice:

1) Living Care – introduction of mindfulness, silence and reflection; introduction of creative listening techniques; and the use of experiential drama exercises that focus on their clients needs.

2) Living Activity – the shared experience as core to all activities; meditation poems; working with the Living Words Word Books – devising personal projects to embed the books in daily practice.  This involves buddying with colleagues for peer support.

3) Living Forward – continuation of personal project; group discussion of ‘shared experience’ activities; a return to personal reflection.

You have taught us to listen. We now hear what our residents are saying. This helps our care plans. Thank you.’ – care home manager.

Their publications and performances have reached people who know about dementia and those who do not:

Crackpot’ was deeply moving.  My perceptions fell away piece by piece.’ – audience feedback

Find out more at –


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