This website is a quick guide to some of the most exciting things happening in the world of ageing at the moment. Our hope is that it becomes a useful resource for innovators in the ageing space.

And as the name suggests it is a living map not a final product. The number of innovators being added to the site is growing,  but we want your contributions. Do you know of a great community enterprise that is supporting older people to stay in their own homes for longer? Or have you seen a brilliant app that helps older people to participate? Let us know. We want you to add your examples here and to comment on those already there.

About us

We are the Nesta Health Lab team. Part of our ambition is to support the best ageing innovations to test, grow and scale so that older people throughout the UK can live happier, healthier, more purposeful lives.

We are currently supporting a number of organisations to scale and increase the impact of their ageing innovations through the Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund with the Cabinet Office:

  • Shared Lives Plus – Shared Lives carers share their own home and family life with a person with additional needs, such as dementia, as an alternative to traditional care services.
  • Rebuilding Connections by Social Finance – Social Finance is working with Age UK and communities in Worcestershire to deliver a social impact bond programme that reduces loneliness and improves well-being in older age.
  • The Green Gym –The Green Gym combines keeping fit with improving the environment, transforming volunteers’ health and wellbeing while improving local areas.
  • North London Cares – North London Cares and South London Cares are community networks mobilising young professionals to support their older neighbours.
  • Integrated Care Pathway, by Age UK – The ‘integrated care pathway’ is a pioneering new way of delivering support for older people with long term conditions embedding voluntary sector professionals alongside older people and clinicians, led by Age UK.
  • Good Neighbours Scheme by Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity – Good Neighbour schemes are very localised support networks, harnessing and facilitating street-based, grassroots social action and building social capital within communities.

Previously Nesta ran the Ageing Well Challenge Prize, and backed over 50 innovations to encourage people to give more of their time, resources and money for social good through the Innovation in Giving Fund. Nesta also ran the Age Unlimited programme in England and Scotland. We continue to invest in innovations which improve outcomes for older people through the pioneering £17m Nesta Impact Investment Fund.

If you’d like more information about our work or the living map of ageing innovators please get in touch.

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