unforgettableUnforgettable aims to improve the lives of those living with memory loss and dementia by bringing together specially selected products together with practical advice and a supportive and sharing community.

The company was founded through personal experience and passion to help people live well with dementia. The aim is to build the marketplace of dementia products and services specifically selected to address the daily challenges of those affected by dementia.

Find out more – www.unforgettable.org


Helix Arts – Falling on your Feet

Helix Arts“Falling on your Feet” is a dance programme for over 65s designed to counter social isolation and a fear of falling to reduce admissions to hospitals and care homes in the long term.

Participants co-choreograph a piece of work over three months with a practising artist in a neighbourhood centre. They have fun, get fit – and it’s all for free thanks to an innovation grant from Newcastle/Gateshead CCG NHS.

“Falling on your Feet” is a Helix Arts production with choreographer Nadia Iftkhar.

Northumbria University is supporting Helix Arts programme evaluation.

Find out more – www.helixarts.com

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Equal Arts

Equal artsEqual Arts is a creative ageing charity providing creative opportunities for older people.

Working with a team of artists the charity runs a number of projects aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of those living with dementia and older people.

They also train care setting staff and artists about the benefits creative care can have for residents.

Equal Arts projects include:

Find out more – www.equalarts.org.uk

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Call to Mind

Call to mindCall to mind is a specially designed board game that helps get to know and understand the thinking, likes and dislikes of someone with dementia.

This tool also stimulates memories and encourages conversations, both as the game is played and in everyday interactions. It can be played at home with friends and family or in the professional setting of a care home, day care centre, hospital or memory café.

Find out more – www.call-to-mind.com


Definitive Guide To Healthy Living For Older People

BlueBirdThe Definitive Guide To Healthy Living For Older People was developed by Bluebird Care, who have revolutionised the way care is delivered in Ireland by concentrating on high quality customer service, whilst at the same time upholding the very best in professional care service provision both in the home and in the community.
Bluebird Care believe there is no reason why you can’t remain sprightly and living a perfectly active and healthy lifestyle well into your golden years. The guide aims to increase wellbeing amongst older people.  They believe by making a few simple adjustments to day to day living and following their definitive guide to healthy living for older people, you can ensure you remain active and healthy for decades to come.

Find out more – www.bluebirdcare.ie



The Gift Project


GIFT is a gallery; a ‘digital giving’ gallery that celebrates the act of giving and how it connects us as families, friends, colleagues and neighbours, through the things that we give and the things that we receive.

Through a practical workshop process in residential homes, elderly residents will be encouraged to ‘digitally give’ something to GIFT helping create a unique new website and resource. This could be a precious vase, a souvenir from a holiday or perhaps a family hierloom or their ‘gift’ may be something less tangible; a piece of advice, a story or even a cautionary tale.

GIFT is about celebrating the lives, stories and experiences of older people, the team behind GIFT hope it will:

• Act as a digital tool for engaging older people; particularly those in residential and nursing homes.
• Encourage older people to contribute and share their stories and photographs and so start an on-line conversation with other older people across the UK.
• Be simple and easy to use for older people, families, and care-workers.
• Capture the beauty of everyday objects through photography and story, that celebrates their detail, meaning and common purpose for us all, whilst sharing their owners own unique relationship.

Find out more – http://www.giftproject.org.uk/



Siel Bleu

Siel Bleu provides exercise classes in care homes to more than 70,000 people in France, Ireland and Belgium.

Siel bleu


They have been facilitating both personalised and group sessions for individuals, community groups and residential homes since 1997 in more than 2,000 care homes. Their aim is not only to improve people’s health but to enhance independence, autonomy and

socialisation through group participation.

For more information see: http://sielbleu.ie/


For a similar service in the UK see Oomph Wellness Limited

Dying Matters

Dying matters is a website for those in the final months of their lives, their families, friends and carers. Their aim is to help to support people to be able to die as they wish.

dying matters


As well as practical information on what to do when someone dies, it also has an online forum where people can post about their experiences of death and their concerns.

Dying Matters currently have over 30,000 members talking about dying.
For more information see: http://help.dyingmatters.org/

EngAGE & Create

EngAGE & Create run a number of creative and reminiscence workshops nationally for the elderly, with a particular focus on those living with dementia.

Their ‘Ignite’ creativity sessions use famous artworks as a stimulus to engage those involved in the sessions in discussion and debate around a theme. These sessions are particularly beneficial for those with dementia as the stimulus and nurturing environment can help increase confidence and self-esteem.

engage and create

The ‘Reminiscence’ workshops often involve a reproduction of a painting; creating a sculpture or a collage of photos, to trigger memories that can be shared and explored through the medium of the art itself.

For more information see; http://www.engageandcreate.co.uk/