The History Project

History ProjectThe History Project is where life stories are told better and the moments that matter are preserved into meaningful narratives. The platform empowers individuals, families and groups to connect artifacts and memories across media to build powerful experiential stories that transcend generations.

The company, backed by investors including The New York Times and The Associated Press, is changing how life stories are told.

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Helix Arts – Falling on your Feet

Helix Arts“Falling on your Feet” is a dance programme for over 65s designed to counter social isolation and a fear of falling to reduce admissions to hospitals and care homes in the long term.

Participants co-choreograph a piece of work over three months with a practising artist in a neighbourhood centre. They have fun, get fit – and it’s all for free thanks to an innovation grant from Newcastle/Gateshead CCG NHS.

“Falling on your Feet” is a Helix Arts production with choreographer Nadia Iftkhar.

Northumbria University is supporting Helix Arts programme evaluation.

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Red Sauce Theatre

Red SauceWorking with elderly and frail people and people living with dementia in Portsmouth, using the arts to create positivity and confidence.

Using mime, music, monologues, improvisation and forum theatre, we engage and communicate using drama as a tool.  Using their words we then take their stories back to our creative team, where they deliver a beautifully illustrated booklet.
Red Sauce also film their sessions for our casts to view, creating a performance and a Theatre Therapy Workshop they can keep.

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Equal Arts

Equal artsEqual Arts is a creative ageing charity providing creative opportunities for older people.

Working with a team of artists the charity runs a number of projects aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of those living with dementia and older people.

They also train care setting staff and artists about the benefits creative care can have for residents.

Equal Arts projects include:

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Bright Shadow

bright shadowBrightshadow’s mission is to enable people with dementia and those affected by it to live well and to thrive.

We use creativity and performance to celebrate the present moment and create opportunities for people with dementia to express themselves, interact with others and take part in meaningful activity.
We do this through delivering Zest workshops which use a variety of performance activities such as song, movement, music, story making, puppetry and other sensory stimuli. Zest workshops are carefully designed and delivered to take participants on a creative journey to a different place or space.

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Living Words

Livng WordsStarted in 2007, Living Words is a pioneering arts charity which improves quality of life for people experiencing dementia in care homes and positively transforms attitudes to older people with the condition.

We also aim to influence public perception of dementia through performance, publishing and public speaking.

The Living Creative Workshop Series offers carers and all other staff members a series of 3 workshops which take place during a residency and aims to embed what is learned into staff’s daily practice:

1) Living Care – introduction of mindfulness, silence and reflection; introduction of creative listening techniques; and the use of experiential drama exercises that focus on their clients needs.

2) Living Activity – the shared experience as core to all activities; meditation poems; working with the Living Words Word Books – devising personal projects to embed the books in daily practice.  This involves buddying with colleagues for peer support.

3) Living Forward – continuation of personal project; group discussion of ‘shared experience’ activities; a return to personal reflection.

You have taught us to listen. We now hear what our residents are saying. This helps our care plans. Thank you.’ – care home manager.

Their publications and performances have reached people who know about dementia and those who do not:

Crackpot’ was deeply moving.  My perceptions fell away piece by piece.’ – audience feedback

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To Know Me – connecting with the person behind the condition

To Know MeTo Know Me books are designed to showcase the lives, needs and preferences of people living with Dementia and other conditions which affect a person’s ability to express themselves clearly.  The book includes a mini-biography and a personalised care guide and is created through online software downloaded direct from the website.

Through the books, carers and medical professionals can quickly and simply learn more about the social, emotional and practical needs of the people in their care.

The unique feature of the book is in its simplicity. It ventures beyond life story work, offering in addition, a personal, practical insight into the best ways to ensure that the individual experiences the highest quality of personalised care and support, according to their needs, and in an easily accessible and attractive book.

A couple of testimonials:

‘This is a great book that was easy to put together. I feel at ease now, not having to worry about that part of my life, knowing that I shall have some memories in the book’.

‘It is very comforting to have such a special book about your loved one, so other people can share, understand and embrace their needs and concerns when they themselves are unable to do so’.

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Craft Café – Edinburgh

Craft Cafe

Viewpoint are a provider of supported housing and care services for older people in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.

In April 2012 Viewpoint opened Edinburgh’s first Craft Café in association with Impact Arts. Generously funded by the Viewpoint Trust, the Café is open to all Viewpoint tenants and care home residents, with Impact Arts providing materials, staff and volunteers.

The Café is open 3 days a week and is a safe, welcoming space for people to socialise and express their creativity. From painting and drawing to jewellery making and sculpture, the Café bridges the gap between care and housing support, creating a vibrant creative space and improving social interaction.

The Craft Cafe was a finalist in the 2014 Dementia Awards.

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