Storii enables families to store memories, both for themselves and for their loved ones in care.

The web platform is used by both carers in care homes and families around the world.

Storii provides –

  • Family members with peace of mind that their loved ones are being well cared for, by keeping them informed of their day to day activities.
  • A platform to capture those 5 minutes of clarity that someone with memory loss can experience.
  • A simple digital life story platform that crosses generations.

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The Abel Label Clothing

Able Label“Beautiful clothes, designed to make dressing easier”

Arthritis, stroke or general impacts of ageing can all make dressing a challenge. Lifting your arms above your shoulders to get clothes over your head, bending down to pull trousers or skirts up and fiddly fastenings can be particularly difficult.

The Able Label is a new innovative clothing company addressing such challenges. Founder Katie Ellis, previously a fashion buyer for popular high street retailer White Stuff, was inspired to create the collection having seen first-hand the difficulties her grandmother with Parkinson’s faced.

The ‘desirable and dress-able’ clothes use quality fabrics, discreet adaptive designs, innovative fastenings and colour-coordinated internals to make dressing quicker, easier and safer. Yet when they’re worn, no one would ever know they were adapted… it’s our secret!

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Canary Care Ltd

CanaryCanary is a discreet, easy to install monitoring and notification system that provides round the clock reassurance to family members whilst allowing the older or vulnerable person to stay in the home they love.

Canary respects the privacy of people who need care and support so does not use cameras so no-one can be seen or heard.

The Canary system does not require an internet connection where it is installed, and family members/carers log-in to their own website portal to view the information about their loved ones.

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unforgettableUnforgettable aims to improve the lives of those living with memory loss and dementia by bringing together specially selected products together with practical advice and a supportive and sharing community.

The company was founded through personal experience and passion to help people live well with dementia. The aim is to build the marketplace of dementia products and services specifically selected to address the daily challenges of those affected by dementia.

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Responsive Interactive Advocate (RITA)

RitaRITA is a package of solutions aimed at disrupting the current delivery of health and social care for older adults, providing a personalised, interactive care system, controlled by the user. RITA (Responsive InTeractive Advocate) is a computer software-based advocacy and companion service that brings together three elements: a 3D virtual avatar and conversational agent; an ‘essence’ repository for storage and organisation of various forms of information pertaining to the user; and an empathetic communication system that is capable of understanding and responding to the psychological, social and emotional needs of the individual user.

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KonnektisKonnektis enhances the care of older people living in their own homes through better communication between their carers.

We have developed a platform that replaces pen-and-paper communication with a tablet that is used by all carers – whether they are paid, volunteers or family members – and stays permanently in the older person’s home.

Konnektis brings three important benefits to users:

  • Improved care outcomes for older people since the care network supporting an older person has access to consistent, real-time information so can deliver better, more personal care.
  • Peace of mind for family members supporting older people, who can stay better informed of their loved one’s wellbeing and can manage care in an integrated way.
  • Lower costs for care providers since Konnektis can integrate with existing rostering and billing systems to substantially lower the administrative costs of providing care.

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Care Charts UK

CareChartsRemember-I’m-Me Care Charts ensure that hospital and care home staff have the information they need to provide dignified and person-centred care, also enabling the development of a relationship between staff and those they care for. Where a relationship exists, empathy can develop and where empathy exists, outcomes improve for the individual, staff and family.

There are now thousands of care home residents and increasing numbers of hospital patients benefiting from the idea behind that first wall chart, and Care Charts UK continues to develop products that are intended to aid communication between individuals and their carers.

Care Charts UK won the 2013 GB Care Awards SE region Innovation Award, was a National Finalist in 2014, and has been named as one of Nesta / The Observer’s New Radicals for 2014, one of 50 people or projects that are being celebrated for helping to change Britain for the better.  It was also included in HSJ’s list of Innovators 2014.

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outminderLogoOutminder is designed to support people with long term care needs through reminders and alarms set on their smartphone or tablet.
The app allows users with memory problems (such as those recovering from a stroke, or older people with dementia) to create medication reminders, to-do lists, appointments and journeys that can be planned into the phone and tracked using GPS.
If a time or milestone is missed, Outminder will feed through reminders and help to re-plan or re-schedule, adding online information on routes, or phone numbers to help. The user’s location and activities are kept private until they request help, at which point a family member or professional care team with access to Outminder can be contacted.
The prototype was completed in 2012 and small scale trials have been taking place funded by the Small Business Research Initiative. Pintrack, who makes Outminer, is one of five companies sharing £1.5m from NHS Midlands and East to develop innovations for long term conditions.

Just Checking

JustCheckingLogoJust Checking uses a set of movement sensors to monitor movement of dementia patients.
With the permission of the person with dementia, carers can see when they person got up and went to bed, whether they had a disturbed night, visited the kitchen for food and drink, left the house and for how long, and whether there were visitors etc. The carer can view this information in real time online or on a smartphone, alerting them to any potential issues.
The device is especially useful for helping older people JustChecking1with dementia to stay in their own homes, where familiar settings give more cues for activity and enable them to stick to the ‘normal routine’.
A Dept. of Health study of the use of Just Checking in Staffordshire showed that two-thirds of people who were assessed with Just Checking when a request had been made for residential care, could be supported at home.
150 Councils now use ‘Just Checking’ in their dementia teams.
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