Storii enables families to store memories, both for themselves and for their loved ones in care.

The web platform is used by both carers in care homes and families around the world.

Storii provides –

  • Family members with peace of mind that their loved ones are being well cared for, by keeping them informed of their day to day activities.
  • A platform to capture those 5 minutes of clarity that someone with memory loss can experience.
  • A simple digital life story platform that crosses generations.

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Contact the Elderly

Contact the ElderlyNational charity Contact the Elderly aims to alleviate the loneliness of isolated older people aged 75 and over, who live alone. Supported by a network of volunteer drivers, hosts and coordinators, the charity organises free monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties in local communities throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

One of Contact the Elderly’s biggest challenges is reaching those who are completely cut off from society and therefore most in need of our support.

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Growing Support

Growing SupportGrowing Support turns underused care home gardens into bustling hubs of community activity and thriving growing spaces.

There are 400,000 older people living in care, most of whom have dementia. Studies show residents of care homes spend most of their time doing nothing and are twice as likely to feel lonely as people living in the community.  And yet working in care homes, particularly with people with dementia, is one of the least popular forms of volunteering.

Growing Support delivers volunteer led, social and therapeutic gardening activities. This means we run weekly gardening clubs, mostly in care home gardens, where people with dementia are enabled to grow their own food, exercise vital muscle groups, enjoy sensory stimulation, socialise and develop a renewed sense of purpose and achievement.

Our work increases the involvement of the community in care and provides a sustainable solution to loneliness, social isolation and inactivity experienced by people with dementia.

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Responsive Interactive Advocate (RITA)

RitaRITA is a package of solutions aimed at disrupting the current delivery of health and social care for older adults, providing a personalised, interactive care system, controlled by the user. RITA (Responsive InTeractive Advocate) is a computer software-based advocacy and companion service that brings together three elements: a 3D virtual avatar and conversational agent; an ‘essence’ repository for storage and organisation of various forms of information pertaining to the user; and an empathetic communication system that is capable of understanding and responding to the psychological, social and emotional needs of the individual user.

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Equal Arts

Equal artsEqual Arts is a creative ageing charity providing creative opportunities for older people.

Working with a team of artists the charity runs a number of projects aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of those living with dementia and older people.

They also train care setting staff and artists about the benefits creative care can have for residents.

Equal Arts projects include:

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Bright Shadow

bright shadowBrightshadow’s mission is to enable people with dementia and those affected by it to live well and to thrive.

We use creativity and performance to celebrate the present moment and create opportunities for people with dementia to express themselves, interact with others and take part in meaningful activity.
We do this through delivering Zest workshops which use a variety of performance activities such as song, movement, music, story making, puppetry and other sensory stimuli. Zest workshops are carefully designed and delivered to take participants on a creative journey to a different place or space.

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The Gift Project


GIFT is a gallery; a ‘digital giving’ gallery that celebrates the act of giving and how it connects us as families, friends, colleagues and neighbours, through the things that we give and the things that we receive.

Through a practical workshop process in residential homes, elderly residents will be encouraged to ‘digitally give’ something to GIFT helping create a unique new website and resource. This could be a precious vase, a souvenir from a holiday or perhaps a family hierloom or their ‘gift’ may be something less tangible; a piece of advice, a story or even a cautionary tale.

GIFT is about celebrating the lives, stories and experiences of older people, the team behind GIFT hope it will:

• Act as a digital tool for engaging older people; particularly those in residential and nursing homes.
• Encourage older people to contribute and share their stories and photographs and so start an on-line conversation with other older people across the UK.
• Be simple and easy to use for older people, families, and care-workers.
• Capture the beauty of everyday objects through photography and story, that celebrates their detail, meaning and common purpose for us all, whilst sharing their owners own unique relationship.

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Craft Café – Edinburgh

Craft Cafe

Viewpoint are a provider of supported housing and care services for older people in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife.

In April 2012 Viewpoint opened Edinburgh’s first Craft Café in association with Impact Arts. Generously funded by the Viewpoint Trust, the Café is open to all Viewpoint tenants and care home residents, with Impact Arts providing materials, staff and volunteers.

The Café is open 3 days a week and is a safe, welcoming space for people to socialise and express their creativity. From painting and drawing to jewellery making and sculpture, the Café bridges the gap between care and housing support, creating a vibrant creative space and improving social interaction.

The Craft Cafe was a finalist in the 2014 Dementia Awards.

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Zilta is a free app for smartphones and tablets built to simplify their content and to make it easier for people to use technology to connect with their loved ones. It’s designed to work for people of all ages, but is especially useful for older persons or those with less experience with technology.Untitled Untitled2

Zilta believe that gadgets such as smartphones and tablets have become too complicated for everyday use and so they have taken out all the clutter and left only the most valuable features such as photo sharing, video calls, emails and music. Therefore making these gadgets accessible and easy to use for anyone regardless of their technical skills.