Diabetes Sisters and Sister Match game, USA

AyogoDiabetes Sisters works across North America to support women with diabetes, mostly over 50. Users sign up and are paired with a similar person to support them on their journey of managing diabetes.
Using games to improve participation and learning in social schemes is well proven to improve uptake and retention. Ayogo have recently developed a game to help the matching process.
SisterMatch1The Sister Match quilt game gets users to share stories as they sign up to the service in exchange for virtual rewards in the form of quilt blocks’. The information helps identify good matches with other players. And the faces of matches are also displayed as blocks in the virtual quilt, building up over time into a rich representation of activity and friendship.


intergenIntergen creates opportunities for older people to work with young people in schools. Older volunteers go into schools to help with reading, specific skills and classes with the aim of improving aspirations and attainment of the children they are mentoring.

Initially based in Sale, there are now clusters in Stockport, Tyldesley, Chorleton and Tower Hamlets.

Tintergen2o make it all happen Intergen recruits and appoints an older person to be the coordinator for the cluster of three schools. Co-ordinators are responsible for recruiting older people living locally to become volunteers in the Intergen schools, organising a social event and a business meeting once a term.

The programme is unusual in that independent academic evaluation has been done since 2000, with the latest reports by Manchester Metropolitan University available online.

For more information see: http://www.intergen.org.uk/


HorsesmouthLogoHorsesmouth.co.uk is a safe, moderated online venue for informal one-to-one mentoring covering all the important aspects of life, from health and wellbeing to career choices, employability and business support.
It has over 45,000 registered members aged 16-76, of whom around 25,000 are profiled and approved as mentors. To date the site has facilitated and hosted over 200,000 supportive relationships between individuals.
Many of the mentors are older people keen to share their skills (for example mentors to apprentices on the National Apprenticeships Service or mentors who have been carers supporting those caring for someone with dementia.
For more information: http://www.horsesmouth.co.uk/