Storii enables families to store memories, both for themselves and for their loved ones in care.

The web platform is used by both carers in care homes and families around the world.

Storii provides –

  • Family members with peace of mind that their loved ones are being well cared for, by keeping them informed of their day to day activities.
  • A platform to capture those 5 minutes of clarity that someone with memory loss can experience.
  • A simple digital life story platform that crosses generations.

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Equal Arts

Equal artsEqual Arts is a creative ageing charity providing creative opportunities for older people.

Working with a team of artists the charity runs a number of projects aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of those living with dementia and older people.

They also train care setting staff and artists about the benefits creative care can have for residents.

Equal Arts projects include:

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Dying Matters

Dying matters is a website for those in the final months of their lives, their families, friends and carers. Their aim is to help to support people to be able to die as they wish.

dying matters


As well as practical information on what to do when someone dies, it also has an online forum where people can post about their experiences of death and their concerns.

Dying Matters currently have over 30,000 members talking about dying.
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Culture Club

Culture Club brings the best of culture including interesting events, programmes and workshops for the over 55’s to the Kirklees area of West Yorkshire.

culture club

They host and promote artistic, environmental, educational or sporting activities to suit all tastes- from gardening to cinema screenings to singing workshops.

The scheme is free to join and subsidised for those who can’t afford to pay. Local volunteers come to each event, help with travel arrangements, and provide company if someone is attending on their own.

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Life Reimagined


Life Reimagined is a web platform that helps people to re-evaluate their skills and pursue new ambitions. It brings together a whole range of experts in personal development, ageing and transitions to guide positive life changes from new employment opportunities to improving one’s health.

It does this through a personalised guidance system that involves six practices that help to guide personal change;

  1. Reflecting on the stage that you are currently at in your life and your feelings about it
  2. Connecting with others to share your ideas of change and learn their perspectives and experiences
  3. Exploring thinking honestly about the road you could take in life
  4. Choosing the direction you wish to take
  5. Repacking ones priorities in order to take the steps necessary to achieve this new direction
  6. Acting on the steps needed for action

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Yecco is a free private social network that aims to make caring easier. It connects family, friends and neighbours of a more vulnerable family member in need of support an older person through a secure online network.


The online platform helps members of the network to share a calendar for the care of an older person, make requests of one another, access a directory of services and even invite formal carers like a GP, nurse or social worker to join.

Yecco also provide a tracker device enabled with GPS that can be worn by the person being cared for if they want to. It allows approved network members to track the remote location of the person.  It also acts as an emergency device which when activated sends an SOS message with a link to the trackers location and immediately contacts those in the Yecco network.

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Vintage communities

Vintage communities bring people together to find local solutions to local problems.


Staff at Vintage Communities work intensively in small areas (usually a ward or smaller) for 6-9 months. They gather enthusiasts, older people, local representatives of clubs and societies together, and act as a facilitator to help the group map their local assets and problems. Older people in the group then take the lead on designing and delivering new initiatives to improve their community.

The first Vintage Community was set up in Balham in 2011 where the group has hosted a street party and an event where neighbours show what they have to offer to others for example cooking, dog walking and teaching a foreign language.

The ultimate goal is for the community group itself to function independently, and so in time staff at Vintage Communities move on to support another community to get started.

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Death café

death cafe

Death café (which is part of the impermanence group of projects surrounding death and dying) founded in 2011 is a place for people to eat, drink and discuss anything they like surrounding death and dying.

They hold both face to face groups and have also started trialling online chat groups.

So far around 1,000 people have attended Death Café’s in England, Wales, the U.S., Canada, Australia and Italy.

The Death Café’s objective is “To increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives”.

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Knit for peace

Knit for peace supports and creates knitting groups in a variety of locations within areas of deprivation that can benefit from bringing communities together (e.g. community groups, prisons, schools).

Knit_for _peace_logo

On top of being an enjoyable and therapeutic activity, knitting has previously been linked with a number of positive outcomes such as lowered blood pressure, improved chronic pain, decreasing depression and offsetting social isolation (see Stitchlinks and Dr Benson of the Harvard Medical School).

As well as bringing people and communities together Knit for Peace also gives group members the opportunity to help others in need by linking them with charities that work directly with those benefitting from kitted items (e.g. at risk older adults,  refugee camps in Africa, hospitals, homeless shelters, animal homes) and keeping the knitters updated on where their items go.

Knit_for _peace

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