Action for Deafness

Action Action for Deafness logofor Deafness (AFD) is a charitable, not for profit organisation which provides volunteering opportunities to service users. AFD believes that being able to meet with someone with the same disability and being able to express frustrations, anxieties, discuss practical issues and share possible solutions can reduce the feelings of isolation which are common in deaf people.  Working with peers can be a positive experience, can be empowering and can improves quality of life. AFD is continually expanding and can offer volunteering opportunities to those outside West Sussex.

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Diabetes Sisters and Sister Match game, USA

AyogoDiabetes Sisters works across North America to support women with diabetes, mostly over 50. Users sign up and are paired with a similar person to support them on their journey of managing diabetes.
Using games to improve participation and learning in social schemes is well proven to improve uptake and retention. Ayogo have recently developed a game to help the matching process.
SisterMatch1The Sister Match quilt game gets users to share stories as they sign up to the service in exchange for virtual rewards in the form of quilt blocks’. The information helps identify good matches with other players. And the faces of matches are also displayed as blocks in the virtual quilt, building up over time into a rich representation of activity and friendship.