Age Labs

Age Labs research the particular design needs of older people, as well as developing aids so that young researchers can feel what it’s like. We’ve bundled together some brilliant examples in one post here.
In the UK, SiDE’s Transport team monitor older driver behaviour in a lab, using sensors like eye-tracking goggles and heart-rate monitors. A modified Peugeot iOn can monitor drivers’ concentration, stress levels and driving habits. The objective is new technology that will instil confidence in drivers over 65 and keep them safely on the road for longer.
One example is a tailored SatNav that takes the least stressful, safest route for the driver, rather than the fastest. It avoids major roads and right turns, and shows pictures of key landmarks along the way to help drivers keep track of where they are.
In the USA, the MIT Age Lab has developed a suit – AGNES that when worn by a researcher or designer, has been calibrated to approximate the motor and visual skills, flexibility, dexterity and strength of a person in their mid-70s.

MIT Age Lab have also evaluated driving technologies to assess what works for older drivers.