Feel Good Factory

FeelGoodFactoryLogoFeel Good Factory is a Liverpool partnership of healthcare providers, technology providers, and older people, committed to finding new solutions to better manage long term conditions.
Established in May 2012 the partnership has an impressive budget of £17m to encourage individuals to take ownership of their own health and social care from an early age, manage wellbeing in later life and prevent long term hospital admissions through better planning. Over the next few years it aims to bring forward or integrate new technologies to:
• make the patient an active participant and encourage community support
• create health plans
• redesign technology services and consumer technologies to empower older people, and
• use life-enhancing plans to reduce hospital admissions.
Partner include Liverpool Community Health, Riverside (Social housing provider), PSS (a Liverpool based charity), Hft (national charity supporting people with learning disabilities), and technology partners Philips, Tunstall, and Infomatics Merseyside.
A one-page summary of the initiative is available.